Sickness can take over a lot of your life.

Whether you’ve been very sick before or you’ve suffered with a bad cold a couple of times…

We all know what its like to be sick!

You feel disgusting, think you look hideous, nothing is going right….ergh!

Having a long term sickness is difficult to cope with emotionally, spiritually and physically, your inside is fighting a battle that only you can really understand. The outside of your body can be the battle armour to protect you, aiding you with this internal battle.

If you’re struggling with a bad cold or a long term sickness, you still need to pick yourself up and go to that important meeting that just cant wait, or take the kids to school , or carry on with the tasks of life that are tumbling all around you… We’re women, we have a thousand things that we need to be doing, and we’re proud of that. We don’t need that jobsworth “Susan” down in accounts commenting on how ‘tired’ we look today, we’ve got stuff to do damn it!

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I want to show you a few tips and tricks I have learned along my journey of long term sickness, not to mask how I’m feeling- but just to make me feel that extra sassy when I’m feeling crappy!

The next few posts will be about skin care, products, at home remedies and all sorts of goodies. So, don’t forget to subscribe to the blog to receive your weekly Sick & Sassy care!

*Stay Sassy*


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